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New Weller material

Modfather recording double album
13 Nov 07 - Paul Weller is preparing to release his first double studio album.

He's currently recording tracks for his first full-length release since 2005's As Is Now.

Paul told 6 Music he thought it was about time that he tried releasing a longer album:

“I’ve never done one before, so I think now is a good enough time to do it really. I’ve got a lot of ideas, a lot of songs floating around. It’s been a very creative time for me and the people I’ve been working with.”

Paul said the new release was a chance to dabble in the many musical genres that have influenced him:

“There’s rock and roll tunes on there. There’s soul/r&b type tunes. There’s some psychedelic moments, some kind of acoustic folk things. There’s a tango. A few psychedelic instrumentals; all the things I’m into really.”

Paul said he hasn't decided how the album will be organised, but admits he’s enjoying the freedom of having more tracks to work with:

“At the moment we’re not sure whether we want to split the four sides up into different moods or whether we’re gonna throw it together and make a big cacophony of different things and sounds.

"We want it to be quite indulgent really. Quite psychedelic and indulgent.”

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