Slow down! :)

Hi gang,

I have many messages that say that you haven't time enough to digest everything... So take your time and browse every post since the beginning! :)

I do understand and I will slow down a little bit.

I just wanted to start this blog in the best way that I can. I will try (Dave's good advice) to rate the gig, the sound, to find the artwork, etc. and to upload videos in many rapidshare files (you unrare the files only when you have everything and it works).

Will also try to upload articles and press.

Thanx to all the people who help, Marco and Dave first! :) They are generous and cool with me. Marco designs the sleeves and Dave corrects my English mistakes, etc. Top Blokes.

All the best to everyone! :) Keep the faith, belief is all.

Yann (Dave, Marco, Jean Christophe...)

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HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

You're a STAR Yann and I hope I speak for the ENTIRE Splinters community in saying, thanks so much for all you do.

Peace and SOUL,