Splinterites' Summit and Vredenburg 1997 bootleg.

Jean-Christophe Roche (on the left) and me, Yann (right), yesterday evening. We had a very open conversation and because we are not total Weller freaks, we talked about many differents subjects: Weller-Band, Weller-Live, Weller-Books, Weller-guitars, Weller-cds, Weller Boots. Quite varied, don't you think? This top geezer brought me more than 15 cd's full of bootlegs! :)

He told me that one of his all time favourites is the Vredenburg, 1997. So let's publish it tonight! :)

Vredenburg 1997, part one.
Vredenburg 1997, part two.

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HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Ahh, I've had many a night with friends looking through the archives and sharing Weller stories. So much fun!! Cheers Bruthas!!

Peace and SOUL,