Splinters area, not for sale!


I think that one of the best answer about people who sell our community's collection is Jasna's one:

Even if there are no legal rights to be asserted, there is still the issue of moral rights. people who sent him copies did so in good faith, thinking they were sending them to a fellow fan, and not to a "businessman". some
of the items on his list (which i haven't seen, but i trust people who have, and who brought this up) were very rare and could be traced to the tapers - who were not roadies. As flavio said, if something is specifically designated, even labeled "not for sale", then this should be respected.

Some of you know that i come from a country where weller has never toured, so i was a very late bloomer where going to pw gigs is concerned - and i had nothing to trade to get access to bootlegs. i have written in the past to some known collectors and traders, asking them if could buy off them, as i had nothing to trade with. i was refused, but later those same people sent me stuff for free, once they were satisfied that i am a true fan, and not a profiteer.

In fact, my collection started with some downloads that were made available on the then-OF, then it grew up rapidly here, through splinters (thank you once again, to all of you who sent me stuff, i am still profoundly touched), and then a very generous person sent me quite a package, and now i have my happy network. and i was, of course, more than happy to share. still am, so state your needs

I do think it is, if not legal, then very, very indecent to sell these bootlegs. you know, even if we look at it from a purely materialistic aspect, the tapers have risked their quite expensive equipment confiscated, and then, rather than earning money from that, they spent their own money spreading the goodies around. the same goes for simon and the expensive comodity of time he has invested in producing the exquisite dvd-collection, the time our art guys have invested in designing the sleeves, the time and money of the people who somehow always keep the trees going, the time it takes to keep the recent blogs afloat, etc, etc

And i don't think we (all of us, but primarily the original owners of the tapes) are outraged by the fact that someone is making money - i mean, it is definitely not that they envy the profits or something. it is the indecency, the blatant disregard for the spirit in which pete (and others like him) have received the goodies.

I do think it is a crime, a crime against morality and generosity, even if it is not listed as an incrimination in the criminal code or anywhere else. it is very, very shameful.

But to you, you great, great guys and girls who tape, create and share - keep the faith, and may happy sharing continue. there will always be idiots, but we won't let them prevail

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