The Style council, Sing in the rain, Japan 1985

Hi gang, a very close friend, another blogger, suggested me something very simple. Just wait 5 or 10 comments or thanx to add a new post. I'm thinking about it! :) I think it's fair, don't you?

Well this Great Style Council's gig has been given to me by Fred, the french! :) Thanx Fred, I remember your postcard and the thing I have to give you for it! ;)

Enjoy and check the vote and/or the survey and/or the comments!

All the best! :)

Japan, 1985, Part one
Japan, 1985, Part two

1 comment:

A.J. said...

illorthanks yann...great job! great blog!!!...so shame that peru don't know about this great modfather!

Keep the flame on Paul!