Tattoo you! Chicken skin music?

What are you waiting for, Bruce?


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Don't think I'd go that far. Don't have any tatts, but I've always thought of getting the Heavy Soul album cover put on my arm. Just the black words. That'd be cool! Maybe someday soon...and I'll send you the picture.

Funny title for the post too!

Peace and SOUL,

AlsoCalledDave-I-LAAAV-WELLLAAAAAH!! said...

That bird is a man's man's woman.

Proper geezer, but, a bird.

It's all about soul.

I should email you some pictures of my mate ' Mod Barry ' (he's a mod), he's got a huge mod target on his chest with 'shoot me if I ain't got soul' underneath it.

My pal ' Soul Phil ' (he likes Oasis) has got WELLER tattooed on his cheek.

I've got a scooter.


all the best,

Gay Dave.