There's also french splinters:Paul and Yann. Brussels, 2001.

At the end of our five minutes conversation (I've tried to summarize 25 years of admiration and to tell him that he gave me a fantastic musical curiosity and an attitude in life) he said to me shaking my hand: "Thank you man". So, my wife said "Thank you, man" for everything two months long... and she keeps on sometimes!
He signed Three sleeves (Sound, Favourite, Helio) and two 1998 Paris' gig. I was above the cloud nine. He also signed a 45 rpm cover, the Beat Surrender one, and when he saw the girl on it, he grumps something like "She's back again"... lol. I just showed him the pictures and my pen, i didn't rush on him and so he has been really really nice. He lets me watch the balance and has been really cool. By the way, it's our only meeting and I have no connection with him. Great moment...

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