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Estratto da un'intervista di JACQUI SMITH pubblicata da THE SUN il 19 ottobre 207

“I’m not into this revival thing at all. Why is everyone reforming? I’m not talking about anyone in particular but they should just move on.

“I don’t want to get caught up in a war with anyone but some things are best left.”

For now Paul is just looking to the future.

He recently had a book called Suburban 100 published. It contains Paul’s lyrics and notes, with the cover artwork done by legendary pop artist Peter Blake, who did the cover art for Stanley Road.

He says: “I was encouraged do it by John Wilson who edited it. It’s like a book of poetry and it’s there if you want it — just a little thing out in the world.”

After suffering with writer’s block four years ago, he is in one of his most creative periods and has written and recorded 18 tracks for his new album, which he hopes will be out in Spring 2008.

“I want it to be a double album and we’re writing and recording as much as we can. I want to make it the best album I’ve ever done.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve done so far — it’s really different. Do you want a listen? I’ll play you a track. It’s f*****g top!”

And as he plays me Light Nights, an amazing, pyschedelic, folky guitar track, powered by his trademark impassioned vocals, there’s no doubt that his genius shows no sign of diminishing.

While this retrospective release may add some colour to the past, there’s no doubt there are masterpieces to come in the future.

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