Amy McDonald about Paul and Steve

Supporting Paul Weller on his European tour. "That was the first time we went out to Europe properly and it was so much fun. My boyfriend came to help out and we had our tour manager/guitar tech, Chris. Every time the three of us are together I feel like a family. We were just driving about through Germany, Belgium and Holland in our little Volkswagen van. Paul Weller and [Ocean Colour Scene and Weller guitarist] Steve Craddock are so down to earth. I played six dates with them and they stood on the side of the stage every night, even though I was playing the same songs. I've done loads of support tours where people didn't even come out of their dressing room to see me. On the last night they were singing my song Run at the top of their voices, so I'm going to introduce that song as 'Paul Weller's favourite song' till the day I die. I joked with Steve that he could come and play with me any time he wanted, so two weeks after we got home, we had Steve Craddock in the studio recording with us."

From My dear friend Mike Cobley! :) All the best, man.

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