Brother to Brother, Dave's message.


For some reason none of my mails to Splinters had been going through. So I had to update my membership, etc. At any rate, I have opened up my Weller Blog to everyone. It now has a new name, just Weller Exclusives . I thought I'd take the Splinters name off as I didn't want it to conflict with any one's interests here or step on any one's toes by incorporating Splinters into the name since it's now public. I've had the Weller Exclusives name around for a while now so I just went with that. I decided to open it up because I only get a chance to post one or two shows a month and I didn't really see the need to restrict access to that. I'll never share anything that I get that has been requested not to do so. So, no worries there. It'll probably be shows that have been milling about for ages, or new ones as they appear. But, I'm only concerned with gigs that have top sound. I want to thank everyone that has taken to the time to trade with me over the years as it's because of your generosity that I have all these great shows to pull from and share to fellow Internationalists throughout the world. My man Yann and I sort of do this thing together. "Brother To Brother," if you know what I'm saying. And I have to give thanks to him as well for constant inspiration and for all his efforts to keep spreading this great music that keeps us all together.

So, sorry for putting those that originally signed up to read the private blog through any trouble. And now that it's open to all readers, please stop by and have a look round. Even though it's not called Splinters anymore, it's inspired by over 10 years now with this family and is dedicated to all of you. Cheers!!!

Peace and SOUL,



The Badge said...

Keep rockin', Dave. Rollin' too. Peace.


Yann said...

Thanx a lot, Heavysoul1 man! :) Will have to make a very special dedication to you! :) All the best! :)