Cascatino's gift! A Special booklet about Stanley Road...

A little book I've found inside my Stanley Road 45rpm vinyl box set. This document is called "Excerpts" and is an extensive interview by Paolo Hewitt, on the last page it is written that it is part of a book of future release (I don't know if they then published it). I don't know if it is a rarity but I thought that this could be useful to improve your precious cornershop blog.


Download the Booklet

Note by Soulbrutha' Dave: This was quite a lovely addition to the Stanley Road releases. Pretty much all of the content was later issued in the paperback book titled:
"Paul Weller: Days Lose Their Names and Time Slips Away, 1992-95" which is now out of print. Well worth tracking down if you can find it.


Gary said...

I'm big Weller fan, and thought these may interest you:



cascatino said...

Thanks Yann!