A part of the japanese (?) tribute to the Jam.

A Splinterite talked of it yesterday. I've tried to find it. I know, some covers are missing, can't find them... Will try to...Enjoy (if you can)...

Download Link (savefile)

Usual rules: Another gig after and only after ten thank yous or comments.


markhub said...

I have this album - let me know if you want me to share it
Cheers & thanks

Yann said...

Hi Mark,

yes I'd like too. May you just upload the missing songs or the complete LP on a rapidshare link? I'll change the link, I'll thank you and everyone will have the complete stuff. The missing songs are:

9 10 12 18 21 and + (if there's more than 20 songs)

May you scan the cover?

All the best. Much appreciated! :)


Yann said...

You can also send me the missing songs by mail... yviseur@free.fr