The W.I.L.L Serie! :) Part one.

Will: Weller illustrated by Liz Lyrics...

Liz is a very gifted Boston professionnal Photograph and she worked to associate Photos and Paul's Lyrics... Here it is (part one)

Thanx to comment her artwork!

A photo I (Liz) shot for an ad in the 1980s for: no, not a
Porsche dealer, but a men's clothing
shop. The owner insisted on being photographed with his car. Made no
sense to me and many who
saw it shouted insanity! : )

Did you get the car you were looking for?...

"I caught a glimpse from the dreams of children I got a feeling of optimism but woke up to a grey and lonely picture.."

"It's not important for you to know my names,
Nor I to know yours
If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough
For knowing that someone in this world
Feels as desperate as me -
And what you give is what you get."

Thanx a lot Liz, to be continued...

"All the love in the world,
Can't put dinner on the table
All the hate that I feel
No love could put right."



Great photo's. They work really well combined with the lyrics.It got me thinking of images I could connect to lyrics myself. Brilliant.

Yann said...

Liz is brilliant and funny! Very nice person, she's got the photgraph's eyes. She sees people first! :)