The fantastic Glasgow's gig! April, 7 th, 1982.

Special Dedication to James McArthur and kids and the very cool people of Scotland! :)

Sound is A +, (soundboard? Not sure). You can also hear a guy who shouts several times "When you're young"... So Paul never answered. When He started to shout "Tube Station", discouraged, then The Jam Played "When you're young", it was the encore's song!

"You don't need a P.A son!"

Sleeve design by Manu Gomez (When it's not Marco it's Manu and when..)

Splitted archive (Get the complete archive and unrared it only when you have both part)

(Rapidshare) part one
(Divshare) part two


Billy Z said...

Another great show! Thank you again Yann.

The Badge said...

I keep getting a fatal error on this one. Could you please re-up? Thanks!

Billy Z said...

I checked my files and it turns out I am missing Butterfly Collector, so I guess the badge is not alone in getting errors. I second the motion for a re-up. Thanks.

grassman said...

Thanks from me too.