Check Paul Weller news! Paul Weller and Souad Massi.

Souad Massi is living in France and Algeria and she's very well known here for touring all across France (CF french title "laisse moi en paix"), she's very respected. Her meeting with Paul is amazing. An info brought to you by Chris, one of the three "Weller collective blogs".

All the best!

(Yann for) Chris (and Dave.)

Q: Yesterday you were in the studio with Paul Weller. How is it to collaborate with him?

A: He is someone very spontaneous and I like that. He told me he discovered my albums and he said he adored one of my songs - "Ghir Enta" ("I only love you") - and he made a version of it, which is magnificent...It made me happy to meet a legend like him who is so nice, who has such a drive to make music. Yesterday, we worked until three in the morning. We were tired but he didn't want to leave the studio. He had an idea and he wanted to follow it to the end. (to be continued)


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Cheers Yann! I don't really listen to that kind of music but since PW said it was great I had a listen and it is quite a lovely tune even though I don't understand a word. Without a doubt, I'm certainly curious what his take on it will be. With stuff like this, the excitement for 22 Dreams just grows more and more for me.

Peace and SOUL,

Yann said...

It's popular in france. There's many Algerians here and we live with them friendly (sorry All you racists...). There's a constant cross over. rachid Taha played with Mick Jones a terrific version of Rock the Casbah in Arabian! :)