Follow the Capt Stax! Tin Soldier full version.

I'm a little tin soldier
that wants to jump into your fire

you are a look in your eye
a dream passing by in the sky

Message from Flavio:

Hello all,
I've got a request for the full 'tin soldier' recorded for Jonathan
Ross in 1991 so I uploaded again the file here:

Tin Soldier Jonathan Ross 1991

This audio is taken from VHS years ago & the
quality is not hi-fi but it's the only way to have
"Tin Soldier" from start to end,
not faded before the second verse as seen
on TV. Last thing about this TV Special,
the "House" band backin Weller,
included Elvis Costello's keyboard player,
the Mighty Steve Nieve on Hammond and Piano!

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Rediffusion said...


Has this been deleted? Any chance of making it available again?

R ;)