Nice to be Nice! The Complete comp'

John Hellier (UK) , Manu Gomez (Spain) , Jan Noorda (Netherlands) and me (France) are really proud to present you this new home made compilation: Nice to be Nice!, Paul Weller and the mods' heritage! You can't imagine how much mails we had to make this comp, more than 100, really, it's two weeks job!
I've done a first tracks selection then John gave us this wonderful EP and has been so kind to write the sleeve notes (how could it be better?)! Manu Gomez and Jan Noorda Worked very hard to design the best cover and for the first time you can also chose it.

You know how The Jam and Paul's music, Small faces and Marriott/Lane are under my skin, it changed my life when I was a young boy... So I asked John to write a little intro to this comp, here it is:

"Paul Weller once told me that bands such as The Small Faces, Who and Kinks not only influenced his career they influenced his whole life! He was a very impressionable 8 year old when the seed was sown and now......well I guess it's part of his DNA! (and mine). Here the Mod Father pays homage to the Mod Grandfathers and boy, does he do it well. Listening instructions... relax, pour a drink, crank up the volume and enjoy!"

John Hellier, 2008.

Techie notes: 1) I've equalized the tracks, I think you won't have much level differences. 2) Because of a WMPlayer error, "Circle" will may appear as "Pictures of Lily", don't worry it's the right song. 3) The archives are different and not splitted, you can unrare the first one or the second one first. SO ENJOY!



HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

What an amazing project! Fantastic job by all involved.

Peace and SOUL,

MartinV said...

thanks for the effort.
you've all done a fantastic job

best wishes

sidollie said...


Cpt.stax said...

great project, both the cd sleeves looks fab too, many thanks yann and all.
cheers the cap

N.D. said...

This is great... Next saturday I'm going in holidays... this compilation will be on my iPod...
Muchas gracias a todos...

cascatino said...

F A N T A S T I C (QUE)!
Thank you very much for this precious compilation, I'll feed it into my iPod and ride along just to hear it!