So what about Duffy? Music = Opinion (Dave)

Make yours with these videos and some brilliant posts I've picked from the Splinters' They've said all I wanted to say, Nothin' to add! :) So what's your opinion? New Amy? New Dusty? New Ex-Big thing in two months?

Would like to make a massive "hommage" to the wonderful Sam Brown's works. John Hellier said about her: Sam Brown, well she's Englands best kept secret! Her skin is white but her soul is black. A voice from heaven.

Alexis "Funkyman" Balcerek (like minded soul) wrote: England was looking for an Amy Winehouse Substitute... have they found better?

Mick Nutgone Taylor Wrote:
There's a great itunes Exclusive of Duffy - 4 live tracks recorded in London for only £2.49. Vocalist Duffy is a throwback of sorts with a sanguine, melodic voice that brings to mind such '60s artists as Dusty Springfield Born Amy Ann Duffy in the small coastal town of Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales, Duffy sang from an early age, but with a record collection limited to her parents classic LPs, she had few influences to draw from. Undeterred, Duffy began performing with various bands throughout her teens and, around 2004, caught the ear of agent and Rough Trade owner Jeannette Lee, who helped nurture the young singer's burgeoning talent by pairing her up with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. The duo co-wrote several songs, including the single "Rockferry," which revealed Duffy's knack for a Stax- and Motown-influenced pop sound. Duffy's debut album is set for release in March 3rd 2008.

Andy wrote:

Rock Ferry, for those who don’t know it, is a run down suburb of Birkenhead, famous only for its poor housing and drug addicts. It wasn’t always like this as Rock Park, which fronts the River Mersey, still has the houses the dock tycoons built. They’re just surrounded by the council houses and wasteland now. How Duffy ever came to write a song named after it I just don’t know. She may have gone through it on the train from Chester to Liverpool. Believe me you wouldn’t visit unless you had to.And before anyone has a pop over this critical view of Rock Ferry, I lived there as a kid! On the music front, I love the album (I found a sampler), especially Distant Dreamer which is an anthem in my (meagre) mind. The wife also loves it and we’re off to see her in Manchester in May. Couldn’t get tickets for Wrexham as they were going for 50 quid a pop on ebay…I can see the comparison with Sam Brown (who’s still performing). Great voices both of them.

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