The complete Charlatans LP Avalaible for free.

photo by Jenny Hardcore

Xfm are giving offering you the brand new album from The Charlatans absolutely free. Plus a great competition to win a rare vinyl copy.

You've already feasted your ears on two phenomenal singles: title track 'You Cross My Path' and 'Oh Vanity', and now the time has come for the whole album 'You Cross My Path' to be made available to download for free. Yes you did hear us right, the album to have and to hold for nowt, zilch, zero, zip.

Speaking to Xfm frontman Tim Burgess revealed "We always knew this album was gonna be given away for free, even before we started writing so we wanted to make it the best album we've ever made. This isn't a case of left over tracks and b-sides, we wanted to give our fans a quality record."

Manager Alan McGee agreed: "I completely mean it when I say this is their best record in year, their best since 'Telling Stories'. I think for ten years they've been a brilliant band but they haven't fulfilld their full potential until now."

Download 'You Cross My Path' for free

You can download the full album for free, whack it on your iPod, computer or MP3 player and listen to it continuously (whilst silently thanking The Charlatans and Xfm for their most excellent gift) by simply clicking the link below.

Download The Charlatans 'You Cross My Path' (full album) (zipped file)

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