Contest Answers... A stroll across music, museum, etc. A program for a Lazy Sunday.

You may find some other answers, I know, but I had to chose. Don't shoot me, ok? Don't be too anoraky (It was just for fun and I've sent small gifts like others, with my own money)! lol. John Hellier sent me a NICE Ronnie Lane Compi and a souvenir programme (Martin Veser won it, check the photo), Enzo Urli gave me two USB secured fingerprit keys, Michelle McDevitt of Audible treats records gave another soul comp, Fallin off the Reel Volume 2 won by Liz Miraglia (also check digital photos, bio and music here), Andy Ferguson of Reflex records sent me a very nice set you can see in the previous posts (Ludovic Rohaut). Thanx so much to everyone! :)

1) What the main difference between the two "Maybe I'm amazed" version in the Faces CD box?

Actually the real difference was the lead singer at the beginning of the song. One version is a Rod Stewart's one and the other was a A Ronnie Lane. There was also a live and studio difference.

2) "Maybe I'm amazed" has been produced by Paul for another artist, who?

He produced it for Carleen Anderson on her best Album, Blessed Burden. Soul providence, the last one, is very good too.

She made a little squeek on stage with Paul, remember? The "Across the universe" verse and chorus. She's a great soul sister!

Her official Website

3) Where did I shoot this Mod target?

Actually, I did shoot it at the Imperial War Museum under the wing of a RAF plane of WW1. Dedicated to Henry Allingham, 111 years old, the oldest survivor of the WW1 in british troops, Absolute respect, really.

Strange museum gallery:

4) Why this photo, even if it's not the same Weller is related to Paul in a way? Well I have fantastic answers to this question with "Written in the stars, Above the clouds, etc", The question has been imagined by a sick mind (mine). I also had this funny and intelligent one :
Because it’s a place where you can observe “Kosmos”, what “It’s written in the stars”, and the “Shadow of the sun”.

Actually this museum is in Greenwich and I have visited it this year. In 1999, Paul Weller played in Greenwich naval college for a Japanese TV. That was the link. I know, this is the sick serial killer aspect of my mind...

Royal Observatory site

Astronomy galleries

The South Building at the Royal ObservatoryThe Weller Astronomy Galleries are part of the Royal Observatory's recent spectacular £15 million redevelopment which also includes the Peter Harrison Planetarium and Lloyd's Trust Learning Centre. The galleries are located in the South Building at the Royal Observatory (see floor plans).

5) Paul Recently asked to someone "have you forgiven me because I nicknamed you Smokey..."? Who is it? It was Billy Bragg during the Red Wedge tour, Mr Love and Justice man. They've been on the blog several times.

"Antonio Gramsci was the Smokey Robinson of Marxism," Bragg proclaims. "The true source of socialism is not intellectual discourse; it's actually caring about people. If you don't care about those people immediately around you, how can you care about the world?" The fact is, however, that long before Bragg discovered the persuasive works of Gramsci, it was all about "The Tracks Of My Tears."

But one day, Bragg recalls, "We were in the studio and Wiggy [Bragg's longtime friend and guitarist] played this snaky riff and it just got to me - just got to me. And I was, like, 'Oh, jeeze, then, you know what we could do with this? We could do this and this and go there and do this.' So me and him sat around playing that snaky riff and moving it around and eventually the words came out." The song was "Must I Paint You A Picture." Bragg says: "'Picture' was when I realized the soul feeling I'd felt all those years and was finally able to get it out. I remember playing it to Paul Weller. He came 'round my house and I played it for him and when it ended he looked at me and said, 'That's a soul song,' as if I shouldn't be writing soul songs. Of course he didn't actually say, 'You know, you're a bloody folksinger; why are you writing soul songs? I'm supposed to be the soul singer.' But the first time I toured with him, with Style Council, I'd just written 'Levi Stubbs' Tears' and I played it at soundcheck. He came up to me and said, 'Levi Stubbs? Of The Four Tops?' And I'm, like, 'Yeah,' and he just looked at me; he didn't say anything, but he gave me that same look.

The complete page

6) When did he say "I was born a mod,..., bury me a mod"?

It was in Jonathan Ross' show in 1991. Flavio sent us the audio file and it's been on the blog's tape for a week or more.

7) The same song has been sung by Paul Weller and Marvin Gaye. Which one?

Of course, there was Heard it through the Grapevine with Amy Winehouse,
What's going on and Abraham Martin and John,
Performed 11. November 1993 on a session for Virgin Radio in the UK and 14, December 1993 on WEQX radio session in Latham, N.Y. Martin Beck's great page learnt me he also played How sweet it to be loved by you, composed by Holland/Dozier/Holland in Paris, 11/14/2002 and performed by Marvin too.

8) Why Paul didn't cover any Small Faces songs on Studio 150? Well, when John Hellier asked him which song he will cover, he answered to John "None because everyone waits a Small Faces cover", but a very clever player, Ludovic, who won the third prize, found this in a Paul's interview:
"If that had been my aim, the album would have been full of the Small Faces and the Beatles or whatever, but I tried to make it more objective. There was nothing more to add to those songs. Obviously, I tried to pick good songs, but not songs that were so close to the heart that it would be impossible to try and interpret them, they're so ingrained.'

What can you add to this?

Small Faces Heaven: Wapping Wharf

Click, "save as" and use it as a Wallpaper

9) Which Canvey Island/Southend band of the 1970s influenced The Jam with regards to wearing black suits on stage? Dr Feelgood. Paul dedicated "From the Floorboards up" to Wilko Johnson and Mike saw Wilko live turned one of his song to "floorboards"...

Good doctor's web site

Black and white suits:

10) The lead guitarist of this band was a major influence on Paul's style of guitar playing. Paul was and still is a big fan. Who is it? Wilko Johnson.

11) Which Motown classic did The Jam nick the bass riff of "Town Called Malice" from? Paul himself in a 1982 interview for Rock & Folk said he nicked the bass riff from The Supremes' You can't hurry love.

11) Which Paul's song should you listen to if you're in trouble to answer? I had many funny answers "Call me", "It didn't matter". The answer was "Clues". I know, I'm so miserable sometimes...

12) Who is the new Paul Weller's drummer? (This one is a joke...) I had many funny answers but I don't want to fight with anyone. Someone made a cool proposition: Sting...

Hope you had some fun to play! :) There's one USB fingerprint key left. The most funny comment on the contest will win it. Write me.

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