Elvis Costello? A Small Faces' fan (from Mick, Brent, etc.)

Dedicated to the top people of the Small Faces Area: Mick Taylor, Brent Yeomans (17 black), John Hellier of course, Val...

"A lot of the things we borrowed were form things I'd been passionate about some time earlier, so I could look back at them affectionately. For instance I knew all teh Small Faces' records backwards when I was 13, but I didn't have the occasion or the ability or the platform to use what I'd learned from them until I was 23. So when we were doing something like You Belong To Me, and it ended up like Whatcha Gonna Do About It crossed with The Last Time, I didn't worry about it. The references were so fleeting. "

An Elvis Costello radio sound Bootleg, Aging gracefully to celebrate it! :)

Live at the Fillmore, 1996, part one. rapidshare.
Live at the Fillmore, 1996, part two. Divshare.

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