Eton Rifles Rang Again by Steve Walden.

Dunno if anyone else is into this band, but I've just got back from
seeing The Rifles. They had promised a special surprise for tonights
gig. Waiting outside to get in, rumours were that a certain Mr Weller
would be there! Although their set was quite short at only 40 minutes,
they were obviously coming back for an encore, and a keyboard and mic
were brought on stage. The Rifles returned, to introduce a special
guest, Paul Weller!!! He then accompanied The Rifles on keyboards and
backing vocals for She's The Only One. However, the best part of the
night followed, as Weller picked up his guitar, and the opening chords
of the most appropriate song from his back catalogue rang out, and to
a fantastic reception from the crowd Eton Rifles rang out again!! At
the end of the gig it was that song that was the most talked about
part of a great evening!!


Steve Walden

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Talking, the video:

Repeat Offender

She's got standards

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