From The Jam From New Zealand (Courtesy of Jo Macklin & Tony Foulkes)

"..................you'll see we met the band - Bruce in afternoon
and others after gig. They were real gentlemen, very humble and friendly to
everyone but particularly towards Ben my son. To give you an idea he
described it as 'the best night of his life'... It included: as well as
meeting them, and the thrill of first concert, he actually sat on the stage
for second half of the concert, got the set list, and was given the
plectrums of Bruce Foxton and Russell Hastings. As well as being special for
him, I can honestly say it was a truly amazing experience for everyone
there. We already know they are great songs but the performance was superb
and a fantastic atmoshpehere. Weller or not, I'd really recommend any fan of
the music to see them.
Interestingly David Moore from the band was telling us afterwards that
Weller 'has given them his blessing' now - the apparent associated big
increase in Jam (and weller) cd sales after their 07 tour may have
helped.... - not that it really made any difference to the concert as we all
thoroughly enjoyed it regardless.


It's too bad
Going underground

The Gift

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Mark Edward Lee said...

Most enjoyable! While I was there I watched some other clips. Thanks for the heads-up regarding these great videos!