Graham Day / Fay Hallam. Don't they look MOD?

Prisonners, Prime movers, Gaolers and more...

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Fay Hallam Trinity are a mixture of 60s, 70s, Mod, Psychedelic and Pop with a big splash of Hammond Organ thrown in. They embark on a SECOND European tour this year, and have four new songs available for download now. Click on the shop to buy the first album, Realm, the single and EP. Fay Hallam, Sean Kelly and Russ Baxter have previously been band members of Phaze, The Discords, Prime Movers, Phaze and Makin' Time which included Martin Blunt of The Charlatans.

"Realm" really is one of those untouchable albums within the canon of a musician. Transcendental for the fan who has thus far played along casually and will find his own expectations left in the dust. I imagine that Fay will do something grander in the future, but it seems unlikely that it will be as dramatically propelled forward as this. "Realm" is the beginning of a new Fay Hallam, perhaps a legend even, and undoubtedly has sidestepped the "more of the same" establishment.

Kahlil Breithaupt for Hammondbeat 2007

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