Paul And Souad Massi, so... Mick Jones and Rachid Taha are rockin' the Casbah too.

I do like music mixes, remember the Clash in New York when they discovered Hip-Hop and translated it in an english way. I do like the idea that musicians from so different countries meet and play together, Paul with Souad Massi (remember the oriental touch of Oranges and waters), The Small Faces when they played with PP Arnold, the black woman (not so easy in the sixties...) and the french arabian Rachid Taha jammin with Mick Jones. There's a youtube video with very average quality and a big file (60 mb) to dl which is perfect. The lyrics are in arab and the guitar is an "Oud". Enjoy, it's cool and fresh.

Original Rachid's video:

With Mick Jones:

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