60's lost treasure? 60's Style council?

A friend of mine told me about that LP with such an enthusiasm... D'you know it?

Any comment?

From an online seller: Wild & beautiful! This album's impossible to describe accurately, and it's the only record we've ever seen by the enigmatic Latin-tinged duo Alzo & Udine! The groove has a tight jangly feel, with nice lows, very catchy hooks, and amazing vocals from Alzo & Udine that kind of feel like Mel & Tim mixed with Joe Bataan mixed with The Young Rascals mixed with Jose Feliciano -- if you need a comparison! The vocals are laid over spare arrangements that feature bass, guitar, and conga -- vamping away in sort of a folk/soul groove -- and although the overall approach is quite spare, the quality of the music is heavenly. At some level, the album had to have been a mistake -- as it's got a whimsy and honesty that would never have gotten it on the charts -- but that's exactly why we love it so much.

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