Mark Edward Lee said...

"The war came home"...... Is there anything I (we) could do to help?
As I wrote once before,...... "You're one of us and we love you for that!
MARK (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Yann said...

Very very nice post Mark, thanx a lot for that... Yes, i had messages I'd rather not talk about.

All the best. "I'll be back"! :)

N.D. said...

Yann... qu'est il c'est passé? Dommage, le blog était super. J'espère le rétour avec bonheur.
je t'envoye mes salutations de loin, de l'Argentine... A +

Nacho (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

cascatino said...

Yann, I can understand how you are felling right now but don't loose your passion, it is your strength...and ours too!

MartinV said...

don't give up. we love you and your blog.
please don't be dissapointed.
keep on rockin'

best wishes