It's a Splinter's friendship world.

well, uh, I don't like to speak about myself on the blog, I try to create with my friends an open place for music lovers, us, the freaks! But today I have to tell a NICE! story of friendship through the splinters list. It's not a secret, 1966 has been a great year for England, World Champion, Eric Cantona's Birth and "It's my birthday too, yeah", today... lol.
I came back from school, ordinary day with the kind souls who thought to my birthday... And in the mailbox, there was a big heavy pack... Jean Christophe, a man I met the first time to go together to a Weller's gig in Brussels and who became a close friend day after day, has sent me The Lawrence Watson & Paolo Hewitt book "Days lose their names and time slips away..." With that great Quadrophenia pic. So, it's time to thank him in a public way and to thank Splinters without whom... All the best, gang. Keep the faith, Keep the flame alive. Belief is all! Thank you JC! You splinterites CAN meet this man for real in Bournemouth, we'll be there! (; Wigzy!).

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