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TRUTH & SOUL is a record label and production house started by Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman in 2003. Since then they have cultivated a new and unique sound by keeping a production and recording aesthetic modeled after the warm analog sound of early soul records while continuing to push the boundaries of modern music and stray from the pitfalls of genre generalizations.

In 1998 Leon Michels, who at the age of sixteen founded the band The Mighty Imperials, began working together with Jeff Silverman, a musician and DJ from the New York area, along with producer Phillip Lehman and Desco records, which was the first label to have success with the deep funk movement of the lote nineties. From there, in 2000 they began performing on and producing a avide catalogue of music for Soul Fire Records until they decided to start they're own record label.

Their first production and release on the label was El Michels Affair "Sounding Out The City" which received rave reviews and a cuit Following attracting the attention of major labels and varions hip¬hop artists such as the Wu-Tang clan, whom they began a working relationship with through Scion. They embarked on a series of concerts with members of the Wu-Tang clan Chat led to a 12 inch collaboration with Raekwon which has gotten the attention of other artists requesting the "cinematic soul" sound TRUTH & SOUL has to offer. Other artists they have done production work for include Mos Def, reggae superstar Gyptian, Cee-Lo, Kenny Dope, Madlib and Dimitri from Paris, just to narre a few.

Both Michels and Silverman produce, perform on, engineer, and mix all the releases and productions they are a part of. They have their own studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Chat is fully loaded with analog and digital equipment and own all the masters Chat are released on TRUTH & SOUL, which includes a catalogue of over 300 songs

Digital photos, bio and music available here

For more info contact: Michelle McDevitt: 718.768.7275 michelle@audibletreats.com

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