Splinterites play too! Jeff Slate's band. The Badge.

American Mod rockers The Badge are blessed with not one but two great songwriters. Jeff Slate and Marc Teamaker have been making inspiring music since meeting at a Paul Weller gig in New York a few years ago. 2008 is shaping up to be a big year for the band as they reconvene to promote their new single despite holding down solo projects aswell. This is a real working musicians band! We had a chat with Jeff Slate when he had a few minutes to spare in his hectic schedule. to be continued here: redtrackmusic, interview

They have really bad influences: The Who, The Kinks, The Smal Faces, The Beatles, Paul Weller, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye...

What could you expect with such guys???

Click the links below for MP3s of tracks from The Badge's three full-length CDs.

From "The EP Collection (2004-2005)":
Super Fine!
Spacey ("Wall Of Sound" mix)
Mixing Signals
Mara Mara
Count On Me Now

From "Calling Generation Mojo" (2003):
Calling Generation Mojo
Dawning Of A New Day
Join The World

From "...digital retro..." (1998):
Watching Rainbows
My Dolly
Unfinished Business

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The Website: You can listen any song.
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King Without A Country and Where You Are are the new single and aren't even out yet. Courtesy of the band for Cornershop's exclusive. ;)

Listen "King without a country"
Listen "Where you are"

The Badge CD Catalogue

Cds available at Andy's reflex Store

About their 2003's LP: Calling generation Mojo: "A Call Merits A Respons"

The Badge are a group who often get influences thrown at them in comparison. What it is neccessary to bear in mind is that at all times these guys aren't tribute artists, they are a band in their own stead, and a damn good one. A liver disc than the complex Digital Retro, this record sets the clear and easy ground for the work that will come flooding soon from this NYC foursome. The Badge are blessed in two very gifted songwriters, Jeff Slate, and Marc Teamaker.
Jeff is the most straightforward of the two, straight in for the kill, Dawning of A New Day is an anthem that calls for immediate respect, while the funky Where Luv Will Take You will have you grooving around the room non-stop! Tick Tock and It Girl employ the great songwriting trick of scathing lyrics over an upbeat tune. All For Luv is a nod to the late 'Quiet One' George Harrison, both musically, and lyrically, while Together is a love song that keeps the right side of sentimentality. Never pointless, never indulgent. Marc is a more subtle animal, working by stealth. Join The World gets under your skin before you have time to stop it, while Hole In My Head and I'm Not Your Man are achingly beautiful both winning and breaking your heart at the same time and standing as two of the finest song in his canon. Shoot Me Down sees him going into white funk territoy which he's never visited before, but works very well. The co-written Slate/Teamaker title track opens the disc and smacks you between the eyes before you have chance to take your finder awy from the play button. Add to this two interesting cover versions; a beefed up version of The Four Tops Reach Out I'll Be There, with Marc putting in a performance reminiscent of his idol, Steve Marriot and a psychadlic accoustic lead version of ELO's Telephone Line, and you have a cracking little album. Why only four stars? I've heard their new stuff, and trust me, there's better yet to come, but you don't want half a story!


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more "splinterites play" sounds here: http://www.myspace.com/littlesplinters

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There will be a complete serie "Spinterites play", Captain! :)