Growin' up. Who made the gift actually?

Happy birthday of course to our so down to earth man.

Too much things to say... So, Let's say, we've just grown up with that man like some did with the Small Faces (Hi John!). It's a birthday in our life too. "We ain't that young anymore but show a little faith, there's magic in the night..." It's, I borrow John that formula, a part of our DNA. Jam gave me an attitude in life, a political conscience, a real "move on" way of life... When I was 14, I was in a public library and a friend bugged me since several weeks: "Listen to The Jam, listen to the Jam".

Then, believe me, the brass riff of "Boy about Town" (Hi Claire) litteraly crushed my head for ever... That was the music I wanted, exactly... I came in as a lost kid I went out as a mod or something like that... Clean living under difficult circumstances. So it's his birthday but he did me, like you I guess, the gift of a different life. Honest. I'm still mad about music and attitude at 42... Thank you. From here to here, from the first single I bought for gold as an "import" to 22 dreams...

Special thoughts to our disappeared ones (Kev, Jenny...). So, I'm gonna borrow another proverb to John "Life's for living". Run!

From that first single to Bournemouth... Can't believe it. Thanx, Paul. I've ran "All around the world" and... met some wonderful people (Hi John, Claire, Jay Cee, Brighton Mike, Dave, Marco, Manu, Ian, Flavio, Niels, etc.) revolving around music. A passion for life... Can you imagine a better gift?


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Best wishes Yann. A nice tribute as you come up on 100,000 visitors. You have fashioned this blog to be one of the best out there. Stay forever MOD and full of SOUL!!

Peace and SOUL,

HAPPY 50th to the Guv'!!!!!!!!

Yann said...

Thanx a lot, Dave! :)