New welcomed member in blog's team! Wigzy! Hammersmith's review.

I really enjoyed it too. Not quite the atmosphere of Bournemouth (I'm a big fan of the smaller venues) but I still thought it was a fabulous gig. Ladies: the man was looking even sexier than normal *sigh* and I stand by my earlier comment that I think the new line up works really well together.I thought it was really sweet when Paul got Roger-the-guitar- tech (that is his actual name you know - fact) to come on stage and rattle a tambourine. He looked a bit embarrassed but it was a nice moment - especially when most of us have seen PW give him a bollocking on stage at some point or another!

There were a few absolute tossers (iteratively and figuratively) lobbing fluids and I'm very sorry to read that it ruined Euan and other people's evening. I saw one guy get hit on the side of the head with a bottle. Seriously - sod off to your paddling pools and get out the way of the people trying to enjoy the music. I was fortunate enough to bump into Andy Lewis (Bass / Cello player) in a nearby restaurant before the gig. I had a quick chat with him (he was with his parents and wife - Weller said 'hello' to them during the gig) and he was a really charming and down-to-earth kind of guy. I asked him how he felt about being on the telly the night before (Later With Jools Holland) and he said he was so nervous he couldn't have looked more stuffed than a Christmas turkey! He did go onto say that the recording after the broadcast stopped going out live was better in his opinion and that we should watch out for that on Friday here in the UK.

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Wigzy and Callan are great, meet them if you can! :)