Play like the Small Faces!

By now, I presume, we are most well acquainted with the songs of the fabulous Small Faces. People of all ages will at last know "All or nothing", "Lazy Sunday" or "Tin Soldier". Many still sing "It's all too beautiful" on a saturday night. You gotta say, four decades on they're as big now as ever! Also thanks to publications such as John's Hellier marvellous Darlings of Wapping Wharf Launderette there as been lots of information available on the Small Faces story in the last ten years or so. It's now very well documented. The swindles, the injustice; stories of crooked management and priot to the last ten years or so, the misunderestimation of such young and precocious talent. Let us not forget that by the time the band split up in 1969, after 11 hit singles and the legendary Ogden's nut gone flake album, they were still only in their very early twenties' That in itself is pretty amazing.
So dear readers/guitarists take great heed of inspiration from this short selection of the songs of Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane. When you dig a little deeper, apart from being greattunes, you will also discover fantastic words and concepts, melodies and chords patterns, all spilling out of these young heads. Their music is eternal, that's chy people like John and myself still love 'em and new folk are still discovering them, some forty years later.
Like all great artists their works stand for all time. Thank you for the music, Stevie, Plonk, Mac and Kenney.
Lifetime fan Paul Weller, April 2005

Contents: Small Faces, Big hearts by J.Hellier / Paul Weller's interview by John / 15 big ones by John and Paul / An interview with John Hellier by John Kearney / From the beginning: John Hellier speaks with Jimmy Winston / Small Faces Trivia / Small Faces discography.

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Yann said...

A Small faces' fan must have!

Emanuel said...

Another good resource for finding out stuff about the Small Faces is this website.

It gives the location of places made famous by the Small Faces and other bands.

The Real Itchycoo park

The J60 Music bar in Manor park, where Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane struck up a friendship.

Along with a few other locations.