Ian S would like to present Jack Rubinacci.

On my travels round the net i pick up lots of music of all kinds and i like to share it with people who have a passion like me.I have recently come upon Jack Rubinacci who has released his debut disc.

Jack is a singer/songwriter in the blues style and similar in many ways to Jeff Buckley, The album " Heart And Mind " is a very emotional direct experience and whilst not everything works on that level when it does it is quite something with the tracks "How Long " and " She Makes Me Feel " as the standouts for me. It's very well produced and i recommend it to everyone.
And this is Free. Yes Free ! Jack decided to release this album as a free download from his site although you can buy it and many other items from his shop if you like it.Personally i feel this is very brave for a debut album and should be supported but when the album is as good as this is that's very easy.

So download and listen if you have the inclination. If you like it support the artist and if you don't discard it or better still pass it on to someone you think might like it.
It's all about the music.Enjoy.

Ian S

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