Faces Paris Theatre London, February 1973

Brutha Yann,
Looks like you had a great response to the recent Faces shows, so I thought I'd share one from my archives. Legend has it that this show was recorded for broadcast on the BBC, but was shelved as the boys sounded too drunk. What it sounds like to me is a rocking good time! Some great covers show up in the set including a fantastic takes on "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "Memphis, Tennessee." So, I hope you and your readers enjoy "Five Lovable Young Men Who's Music Is Currently Taking The Country By Storm!"

Peace and SOUL, Dave...
Manu made the artwork!


Yann said...

Absolute thanx to Dave! :)

MartinV said...

yes thanx to dave for shaing.

also a big THANK to Manu for all the good covers.

best wishes

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

The art is fantastic! Cheers Manu!

Peace and SOUL,

Anonymous said...

Any chance this can be reupped please?