Ogden's nut gone flake on stage!

The Who's album Tommy is widely acclaimed as the very first Rock And Roll concept album ....WRONG! The Small Faces classic album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake predates the Who's effort by a full 12 months but unlike Tommy it has never graced the stage......until now. This million selling album celebrates its 40th birthday this year and surely rates alongside the Beatles Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Beach Boys Pet Sounds as one of the finest, if not THE finest album of the swinging 1960s. It tells the story, in a typically whimsical English manner, of a character called Happiness Stan and his quest to find the missing half of the moon and features just about every genre of music in doing so. It mixes the Psychedelia of the day with Old Time Music Hall, Folk and Heavy Rock and just to add even more spice to the pudding the unique presence of Stanley Unwin's narration. The Playbox theatre production featuring the Small Fakers, Stanley Unwin's son John, actors, actresses, puppeteers et al. is for 3 nights only and NOT TOO BE MISSED!
Nice or what ..... John Hellier.

You can book tickets by calling the Box
Office on 01926 419555 Ext 2.

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