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Paul Weller is a man who has continually pushed himself musically. Never happy sticking to one genre he has reinvented himself numerous times in his 31 year career, in the process shocking the public and even his own band members. He’s just turned 50 and instead of rehashing music from his past with The Jam or The Style Council, he has decided to create a new kind of sound and many people are claiming that this is his best work.

Paul’s started his career at the young age of 14 when he formed the Jam. The band soon started playing to small crowds and secured a record deal when he was just 19. They became hugely successful very quickly, becoming one of the seminal British Punk bands, playing to massive audiences and having 18 consecutive top 40 singles and 4 number 1 hits in the UK. Paul, controversially split from the band in the height of their popularity because he wanted to try out new styles of music.

In the early ‘80s Paul formed the group the Style Council who played a mix of pop, funk, soul and, at the very end, house music. In the ‘90s Paul went solo and he has released 9 solo albums since this time. His latest album ‘22 Dreams’ debuted in the top 10 in the UK charts. Known as Britain’s ‘Modfather’, Paul has just finished his first Australian tour in 23 years. While he was here he performed exclusively for Sunday Arts.

Producer: Jaya Balendra
Researcher: Emma Watts

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