Sonic Summer

Hi gang, I'm back from great holidays, very cool and restful. Could revisit many discographies with the headphones... Beatles, Small faces, Weller again... a very interesting new LP from the very underrated Ron Sexsmith...so cool and melodic... Did some holidays pictures, here they are. Will be back with Weller's articles scanned (thanx so much Simon!). Hope you'll enjoy it. Photos are true ones, no fakes. ;)


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Welcome back my Brutha!! Just got that Ron Sexsmith record as well. ACES!!!

Peace and SOUL,

MartinV said...

welcome home

best wishes

Cpt.Stax said...

hahaha... I like your idea of 'holiday pictures' :)

welcome back mate

Yann said...

Hey Martin, please, send me a mail, I've lost all my mail adresses! :(

Thanx for the comment Dave and Flav. ;)