Weller Amsterdamned... Art work by Manu.

Thanx a lot to the taper and original uploader on Dime, to René who made it available too.
It's Flac files.
If you're in trouble to burn flac files, just look "Flac plug in Nero" to find the solution with Nero. If you want to convert it as MP3, look for any converter '"Convert flac to mp3" in Google too. You'll find it. Ask if you need help.

Amsterdam? Just listen and feel the fire. Nothin' to add... Listen the crowd at the end of the gig...
Its not splitted archive, you can unzip every part of the show separately.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Nice one Yann!! Great art work from Manu per usual!!

Peace and SOUL,

Yann said...

Thanx a lot, Dave. Gentleman, as usual! The new "Paul Weller news" delivery is great too! :)

MartinV said...

thanks to both of you. good work as ever.
best wishes