2008's twenty two dreams...two twins to dream...A Weller year.

Kick out 2008!

Dream 1... The Bournemouth week end with Jean-Christophe (Top Gentleman under a rude boy) and the fantastic Claire Wigzy's crew... They have been all warm and magical. Much more than a Welcome, the first of the 22 dreams...Dream 2 The Bournemouth's gig with Weller on fire who burnt down the Opera House from the roof to the soil... Dream 3 22 dreams is out and we discover again than the man can propose to his fans a completely renewal of his music... What a shock, really, it's amazing. Usual feelings, Disturbed first by this new thing and in the end absolutely delighted... Dream 4...The incredible John Hellier's knowledge and the way we developped a great friendship. He learnt me so many things about the Mods...And we have so nice discussions almost every day. Dream 5... My boy is graduate now and he reached the top as best student of his school, we call him the Major, and he's a top young man like his brother, my favourite clown... Very special thougts for all the love fighter (Hey Tony B.) who had, has, and will have to fight to stay a Dad or a Mum... What's goin' on with our generation? Dream 6 That incredible love summer, we were so good in that garden of early delights, xtc and rest. The perfect model of happiness... Dream 7 My Friends Jean Christophe and Niels are making plan with me to be in Brussels and Amsterdam... That's the splinterites' world... Dream 8 Post & packages sent all over the world, from US Jeff and Lizzy to UK friends to Denmark... Splinterites community... Dream 9 Discover new soulmen in the Sam Cooke tradition, Eli Paperboy Reed, Eric Lindell, James Hunter, etc... Dream 10: My nieces Sarah and Fantine, here comes tomorrow... With the girls, "future's so bright that I got to wear shades... Dream 11: John Hellier, John R., Andy(s), Carlos, Ian S, Jeff K, Jeff Slate, Niels, Ian J, Alan Blinky , Simon Cooper, Simon Franklin, Claire, Lizzy, Flavio, Marco, Dave "dogtown", Heavysoul Dave, Mick Nutgone, , Val Weedon, Matt, Manu, Casca , Juan. M, Martin V, Mike C. Brighton's wizard, Lou, Mark C Sir Billy Bubbles, Jasna, Patricia, etc? Dream 12: Allan Jones, another Wigzy's gift for the meeting, sent us the Bournemouth's photos. Amazing, this date has been blessed, professional photos, Claire and Mr Wigzy to welcome us, a never ending fairy tale...Dream 13 : The leaves of september... And an incredible new, gonna be a father again with Vanoo... Amazing... In years to come I will still call... Dream 14: Another incredible new...I will call Them... It's TWINS. ;) Nice as Twice... A boy (In years to come I will still...) and a girl (Sweet Pea, my sweet pea...)... Two twins to dream. Dream 15: They're gonna have a real cool education and I'll be totally open minded. They really will can chose! Ricken or S 335? Steve or Ronnie? Jam or Weller solo? Fred Perry or Ben Sherman? SX2000 or PX125? Desert Boots or Beatle boots? Kinks or Who? Will always give them the choice. Dream 16: Living with Vanoo. To live with a Mod and Music addict like me is a bit hard sometimes. Dream 17: Obama president of the united states... Couldn't believe my eyes, woke up at 5 AM to see it and cried many minutes... From MLK to Obama... Bad week for racists... Dream 18: Our expedition to Brussels and coming back home with Niels, friend from Denmark, how could it be possible without the Splinters... Meeting Simon Cooper... Dream 19: The packages I have sometimes; John's, JC's, Simon F's, Simon C's, Lizzy's, etc. It made my day everytime it happened. Dream 20: Roy Hayne, Legendary Jazz Drummer, 83 years old live and strong with the amazing Jaleel Shaw on Alto Saxophone (Tourcoing Jazz Festival). Dream 21: To have 22 dreams to tell next year. Dream 22: I have to keep it... to save my soul. ;)

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