Gonna be Xmas time soon, tell your friends and lovers you love them!

Very special dedication to Jean-Christophe (The magic lighter man). He'll understand.

And to all my ... friends and family. And of course to my wife who lives with a Modaddict for so many years, to me boys and to the twins who're on their way! The blog will slow down but the world wins two mods!

All the best to everyone, just wanted to be positive! Hope I'm not precious or simpleton!
Actually, I'm not a fan at all of Xmas... So hard for the separated dads (and mums) when they have to deal with a "no kids" evening on 24 th... Hi you all, keep the faith.


The Badge said...

Nice one! Keep up the good blog, er, work. Merry Crimble.


N.D. said...

Thanks & Congratulations: keep up the good work.

cascatino said...

Congratulations Yann!

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Nice One My Brutha!!!

Peace and SOUL,