Mick Nutgone taylor recommends...Malone.

Mick has been really impressed by this soulful artist. Check the web to have your own opinion!

Malone, in her own words:

This email has the links to my website and my my space site, and most importantly the link to the backstage section on my site....this place is were it's gonna be all at, You can download live recording i've done with my lovely band for FREE. and it's also a forum to chat about gigs and whatever else to do with Malone, and i'm doing a blog there. It's only just begun, so if you get there now, you can say you were there from the start...nice!
So pop your arses over there and register and get the songs on you ipod. The link is below!

The link

My debut album 'Talking to myself' is coming out very soon, and i need to spread the word, so here are the other sites where you can hear the music and look at gig pics and read the blogs.

The website


So if you like the music, pass this email on to others you think may like it to, and get them to register.....here's the link again...

The Forum

Thanks to you all, and have a lovely day. And enjoy the music. Much love and thanks


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