John Martyn's BBC Session 2006.

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John Martyn: live BBC Session / Radcliffe programme / 2nd May 2006
Recorded time: 36Min 48Sec.
There's approx. 25 minutes of music played by John and the band during this session. Set:

01 Interview Pt1 02 TITLE: COOLTIDE 03 Interview Pt2 04 TITLE: COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE 05 Interview Pt3 06 TITLE: MY CREATOR\I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT EVIL 07 Interview Pt4

Part one

Part Two

Huge thanx to the original taper and uploader: leex100

John Martyn: vocals\guitar. Alan Thomson: bass. Spencer Cozens: keyboards. Arran Ahmun: drums.

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sidollie said...

nice one yann and thanks to the original uploader too.