Well, not very active at the moment. Got a new computer and i have to keep everything safe, make the transfer and get a new scanner because this one is not suitable with Vista (Gasp...) See you asap.

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Cpt.Stax said...

vista is a pain in the arse and in the pocket...

I had to throw away a perfectly working, almost new, trust scanner cos it didnt work. havent purchasd a new one so far...

and let's not talk of all the sofware and programs still not working. including a couple of racing games I was addicted to :)

no surprise microshit is already planning a new os. this one was a big mistake. I'm used to vista now, after 1 year and thanks to a powerful pc. but if I could I would go back to xp (at work we still have xp and its faster and more immediate even with older and "lighter" pcs...)

good luck yann :)