Like electric light in a Ballroom scene (One x one lyrics), Like Electric Light Orchestra? The changing chords?

Hi Gang,
I was watching the British serie "Life on Mars" and at the end of the 5 th episode of the season 2, I've heard this tune who rang my bells: "10538 overture" by Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lyne's Harrisonesque Band. Don't you think it really looks like the beginning of "The Changingman"? And it's really really strange because the ELO's sleeve for their first LP (Oveture's on it) was almost ... an electric light in a Ballroom Scene or floorboard! (One x one lyrics...)... Anyone knows anything about it? Please tell us the story if you know it... Didn't check the Weller's compi...

Share your dreams,
Give us all the beam we need
like electric lights in a ballroom scene
Goin' on one times one...

10538 Overture, Electric Light Orchestra 1 st LP, 1973

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