Sound & Vision Abbey Road Studios

The flac serie is an opportunity to get some old gigs in a new format but there's some "good news" too! Shabby and Manu did it!

The link


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Nice One Fellas!!! Was about to contact Manu to do some art for posting at Weller Exclusives. Beat me to it. ;-)

Peace and SOUL,

Ian S said...

Nice one Yann.

sidollie said...

sweet! thanks guys. andy.

Mark E Lee said...

Did you guys plan this? No really, yesterday the 1st was my birthday
and I'm getting all these great tunes! Oh, you shouldn't have!
But never-the-less, I thank-you,
Happy Birthday To Me!

start! said...

Thanks a lot!!
You are the best!!!

MartinV said...

thanks to Shabby and Manu and Yann

Best Wishes