41 years of Lazy Sunday(s)

The 45 rpm "Lazy Sunday" was released in April 1968 (not 67 according to John's Calendar) , The 5 th, enjoy yours today!

"Lazy Sunday" was written by the Small Faces songwriting duo Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane, and appeared on the band's 1968 concept album Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake and preceded the album as a successful single in spite of being released against the band's wishes. The song has a novel, traditional cockney East End of London music-hall sound and Marriott wanted the band to be taken seriously. The song was inspired by Marriott’s feuds with his neighbours and is also noticeable for its distinct vocal changes. Marriott sings large parts of the song in a greatly exaggerated cockney accent; he did this partly due to an argument he had with The Hollies, who said that Marriott had never sung in his own accent.

"Lazy Sunday" appears as track six on the album, Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake, and is the last track on Side A of the vinyl release. (Wikipedia, not checked by John, sure he will...)

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