Connett: Waging War on the obvious. The very excellent Mike Cobley's review.

Sometimes, you're about to write your own review and you read one who buries your project straight away, like this one! But I really want to promote this very good MOD lp. Connett is really more than a bunch of influences! You killed me, Mike!

Connett may have dropped the Darron J. and rightfully regrouped himself under the guise of a full band member of a very talented quartet, but some things remain true ... he's still a driven writer and frontman and clearly won't be swept under the carpet before he's had his rightful brush with success. Take Connett's newly released debut album, "Waging War On The Obvious". Just seven tracks in length, but just the right duration for the band to state its case. Lead track "Son" has already gained many-a-column-inch after gaining patronage from none other than Paul Weller. The main-man took the time and trouble to ring Connett central and deem "Son" a "lovely piece of work". And how right he was too.

It's a blistering opener. Carrying all the front and swagger of band lead by a man who"s been slowly edging upwards since he took his career by the neck and branched out solo in 2001.
By summer 2006 he had such killer tunes as "Soul Clean", "Ego Ascending" and "Early in The Morning" and just needed a suitable stage for them to drift from tape to a collective consciousness. It wasn't for want of trying that things didn't move at the speed they should have. Even The Sun newspaper was onboard when "Problem Page" was penned by Darron J. on behalf of the rag's resident agony aunt.

Now with new guitarists Stu Farnham & Glen Fuller chopping out better lines than a backstage Keith Richards, Darron now has the musicians to compliment his songs. The mini-album"s second track, "Running Miles", skips along with all the youthful vigour of an at their peak Kinks. It"s stepped in the claustrophobic energy of the council estates of Shepherds Bush, from whence Darron emerged. A cousin, no less, to Dove's Black And White Town". That good.

"Lou" is a mod anthem with a Ray Davies storyboard and a melody from the palette of Marriott. Surely made with the airwaves in mind. A nice acoustic foot-tapping Small Faces a-like "Perfect Melody", is a paean to a summer romance. When all looks sweet and winter's blemishes are still a season away. It"s also, possibly, a love letter to the ultimate tune. "Lazy Sunday", maybe! And that"s just the highlights of "Waging War On The Obvious." A real Mod pick-and-mix that will have you feasting on its delights over & over & over again.

Find out for yourself what's so hot about Connett's "Waging War On The Obvious" by checking out their space

Catch Connet in Brighton @ Volks Bar, as part of the NUTS Brighton Weekender, on Saturday 29th August @ 1pm.


Garwood Pickjon said...

by the way, I just spoke to Bax and he says that the Black Barn sessions haven't happened yet, though the invitation is up of course ... so this is actually the album version of the song

Yann said...

It's so cool to read such "come on" for the blog!