Nakano Sun Plaza May 1981, second night (Flac)

Nakano 1
Nakano 2

Thanx a lot to the Dime uploaders, Dazzz and Tony:

Notes: This show was originally broadcast on Japanese radio and became the vinyl bootleg - Set Tokyo Ablaze. The vinyl boot is believed to have been sourced from cassette. Listening to this version i don't believe it's a vinyl to cd transfer. Thanks again to Dazz1 for seeding a version of this gig the other week, but looking at the lineage of the original seed, i think this will be a sound upgrade.Special mention to my friend in japan who sent me the original & unplayed silver, i've been trying to find for years!!!

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Mark Edward Lee said...

Hi. Oh my, my, my.... I'm saying 'Thank You' so much as of late that I feel it has almost lost its flavour.
But I promise you, the passion IS still there.
This is a wonderful sounding JAM recording!