The other Canvey Island's stars!

As anyone, I Thought John Hellier was the one and only Canvey Island star! But there was the good Dr too. Pub rock, nervous and shakey guitarist, Black suits, white shirts, don't you think a band called the Jam nicked them two or three things?
Paul have said than "Floorboards" was clearly dedicated to Wliko Johnson.
Julian Temple (Strummer's and Pistols' documentaries) will produce and be the director of "Oil City confidential" about the Pub Rock's kings of Canvey Island.

Dedicated to John, of course!


Mark Edward Lee said...

That was very interesting. Thanks for the read!

start! said...

I saw Dr. Feelgood in 79 (Wilko wasn't in the band anylonger at that time) and they were great!
Not long after that I bought my first JAM record...